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bassador Priyanka ▓Chopra called on the international community on Thursday to step up support for Rohingya women▓ and children who fled to Bangladesh from a military cra

ckdown in Myanmar.A military response▓ to insurgent attacks on police pos▓ts and an army base in northern Rakhine stat▓e last August pushed almost 700,000 Rohingya Muslims across the border to Bangladesh, man▓y accusing security forces of killings, rape▓ and arson.“Every child deserves a future, an opportunity to contribute to humanity,” Chopra told a news conference in Dhaka after a fo

ur-day visit to Rohingya refugee camps at Cox’s Bazar o▓n the southern tip of Bangladesh.“Refugee chi▓ldren are the world’s responsibility because they don’t have anywhere ▓to go. They don’t have anything they can call their own,” she said.T

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ted Nations has described the military crackdown as “ethnic c▓leans

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ing,” which Myanmar has denied, saying its security forces were conducting a legitimate counter-insurgency operation ▓against “terrorists.”Chopra urged the international community to tackle the iss▓ue of Rohingya children living without basic

rights to food, clean water, shelter, proper sanitation and education.“There’s so much more to be done. They need your money, time, compa▓ssion,” she said.In March the United Nations launched an appeal for 951 million US dollars to he▓lp

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